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Executive Summary
Graphical imagery therapy is a visual therapy in the form of a 3D game. This 3D game is meant to facilitate cancer patients, especially children in fighting against their brain tumor. This therapy has cognitive behavioural effects on children to recover from their psychological illnesses. 3D Graphical Imagery Therapy project is a complete research based project funded from ICTR&D, Pakistan on the subject of healing brain tumors in children. Research and experimental development with creative implementation has been applied throughout the commencement of the 3D GIT project.
Project Aim
The aim of the project is to design and develop a game for children with brain tumors. They will play by hitting the tumor which is visually presented in the form of an enemy character. This enemy character will be killed by using different weapons belonging to their immune system. In this project Guided imagery treatment is thought to promote wellness and optimize the overall health besides targeting the brain tumor itself. This animated imagery should be used with, but not in place of standard brain tumor treatment.