3D-GIT Team...

Sadaf Sajjad
Project Director

Assistant Professor, Humanities, CIIT Islamabad, Pakistan.

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Dr. Sajjad Mohsin
Joint Project Director

Professor, Computer Science, CIIT Islamabad, Pakistan.

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Kamal Zafar
Senior Developer & Team Lead
( Working Since April 2012 )

He is leading the team members with timely guidance, instructions, directions as well as leadership ensuring team building and teamwork. He also monitors quantitative and qualitative results to be achieved throughout the course of work. He is the lead programmer responsible for creating code which runs and controls the game. He is the senior developer as well. Being at a senior post, he has good knowledge of development domain including the programming languages, frameworks, functions, bug killing and development environments.

Muhammad Saad
Game Dev. & Graphic Designer
( Working Since July 2012 )

He has done BS (Computer Sciences) 2011 with a Final Year Game Project "Iqra Death Arena". He is working on two major fields of graphic designing and game development. He belongs to the creative visual spectrum of the game including GUI, Textures, Lighting, resolution & design for game environment. As a game developer he indulges in multiple game elements including geometry, probability, mathematics and calculations of dimensions for detailed designing. As a designer he creates effective visuals to produce real life and soothing psychological effects. His Portfolio Link: "http://www.saadtariq.net"

Syed Semar Hasan
Game Developer
( Working Since June 2013 )

He is working as a developer of the game. He has done BS (Computer Science). Being a game developer, he is incredibly utilizing his skills of problem-solving, high level of creativity, programming, researching, implementing, and testing. He is a critical thinker with the ability to break down any problem into a series of small discrete steps in order to reach the desired goal.

Sahar Riaz
Senior Animator
( Working Since February 2012 )

She is working as a Senior Animator. She is MS in Media and Communication Studies. She possess attributes of creative aptitude in forming a good visual illusion through 3D modeling, composition, size, ratios, perspective, mapping, timing and storytelling through animation. She has been working in 3D GIT since Feb 2012. Referring to her post, she exhibits her expertise in 3D artwork and design using 3D Studio Max. She worked on the modeling of a 3D enemy character for the game; Location modeling for the game i-e brain tunnel environment of the game in which the game would be played; Object modeling like weapons, and pickups; animation i-e timeline and biped animations on characters and objects; and visual effects. She is also conducting research work related to her expertise.

Ifrah Akhter
( Working Since April 2012 )

She is working as an Animator. She has done BCS Honors and is currently enrolled in MS. She has expertise in 3D character modeling, 3D object modeling, animation, 3D morphing, mapping, texturing and rendering. She got expertise in software like 3D MAYA, Adobe Photoshop, Fruity loops and Adobe Audition. Besides animation she has worked on game story, voice-over, dialogue writing and presentation making of the game. She has been working with 3D GIT since April 2012. She also carried research work related to her work.

Saba Riaz
Graphic Designer
( Working Since February 2012 )

She is creating design solutions for 3D GIT game. With MS degree in Media and Communication Studies, she is well-found of visual communication, production of graphics. She served her abilities on 3D GIT artwork for game play, promotional design material of the game and visual elements. Major tasks are 2D character sketches, game storyboarding, theme based color usage, 2D Menu designs, 2D Huds in display, background designs, typography based designs. She also worked on publicity material of 3D GIT including logo design, Poster designs, Streamer designs, shield designs, manual cover page, and presentation designs. For designing various tools are utilized Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and 3Ds Max. Besides designing stuff she worked on research work regarding character design.

Nausheen Abbas
Consultant Graphic Designer
( Working Since February 2012 )

She is working as a consultant in this project. She provides consultancy in Color Psychology and designing of graphical images used in game design, its look and feel and development.


Zahra Nauman
Research Associate
( Working Since April 2012 )

She has done BS Computer Science. She is doing research in various areas of 3D Graphical Imagery Therapy Game. She is working with 3D GIT since last 1 year. Conducted survey to gather data for music selection and did research on Game’s background music. Conducted research for developing Therapeutic Game Design for 3D Graphical Imagery Therapy Game. Conducted study on effective results of 3D Graphical Imagery Therapy Game on Brain Tumor Patients.

Anum Naseer
Research Assistant
( Working Since October 2012 )

She has done BS in Computer Sciences. She is carrying out research on game design for therapeutic games, Avatar Creation Using Feature Extraction, Overview of game design approaches for health games, Effect of 3D Graphical Imagery Therapy Game on the Psychological Symptoms of Children.

Syeda Farwa Zafar
( Working Since October 2012 )

She has done many academic game projects. Working as an Animator in 3D GIT. Responsible for 3D character animation and its related research work.