Phase -I Game Preview Teaser
Phase - I Teaser Image Preview. "in-progress"
Game Concept and BluePrint
3D Graphical Imagery Therapy (3D GIT) is working on a 3D Game project that is based on an imagery therapy concept that will help brain tumor patients to get healed by playing a Visual Imagery therapy.
Inauguration Day, 3D-GIT
Enemy Character for Game
The character model was initiated by modeling a brain tumor in 3D Max.The tumor is morphed into a 3D enemy character.The character is given animations including cool walk, serious walk, jog, run and monster walk.
Inauguration Day, 3D-GIT
Game Design
Prototype for Pilot study of Game Design is 100% completed. Pilot study will help us to make improvements in our game design.
Inauguration Day, 3D-GIT
Survey Section
The researcher's team of 3D-GIT Lab has done three successfull surveys. The results of these surveys will be applied to the final game.
Inauguration Day, 3D-GIT
Morphed Weapons for the Game
For the visual therapy game, a message has to be given to the children that strength for fighting against their disease lie inside their body in the form of white blood cells. These white blood cells are their defensive soldiers used for remedy.
Inauguration Day, 3D-GIT