Core Team...

Sadaf Sajjad
Project Director

She is a Clinical Psychologist with more than 15 years experience in Psychiatric clinics of Pakistan and Japan. Presently working in academia (COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan) as Assistant professor and Clinical Psychologist and conducting researches in Computational Psychology. Her diversified qualifications in area of Clinical Psychology (Gold Medalist) and Artificial Intelligence from Japan made a unique combination of these two fields. She is always a brilliant student not only proved herself in Pakistan but also won the merit scholarship in Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan. She taught Imagery Psychotherapy to Japanese Students during her teaching Assistantship in the University. She is the only Clinical Psychologist in Pakistan who is a bridge between Computer science and Psychotherapists. She was the only person to win the project from Ministry of IT, ICT/R&D, Pakistan over 80 submitted projects from her institute. Ms Sadaf Sajjad is supervising many undergraduate and graduate students for their gaming projects. A large number of diversified team is working under her supervision.

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Dr. Sajjad Mohsin
Joint Project Director

Prof Dr Sajjad Mohsin is a well known computer scientist nationally and internationally working in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and e-Health. Recently he has supervised award winning project of 3D Brain Visualizer. Presently he is the Dean of Information Sciences and technology in COMSATS Institute of Information technology, Pakistan. He is among the pioneer of introducing graphics and animation in Pakistan Television and remained in the team for over a decade. Currently he is supervising a bunch of developers, animators and graphic designers for the gaming project. He did his M.S and PhD in Computer science from Japan. His excellent record in education made him won the best scholarship from ministry of education, Japan. He has over 25 years of experience in the area of computer science. Dr Mohsin is also the Joint Project director in the funded gaming project and also working to initiate a department of Multimedia and Graphics in his institute.

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