Project Description

Mental imagery is the part of our everyday life experiences. Imagery and animation has been applied to this research project as they are the major instruments of the game design. These elements are creating illusion of the physical world in order to involve human brain. The patient will feel himself/herself as the part of the game. This visual therapy has been introduced based on research that is labelled as “Graphical Imagery Therapy”. It can be seen as an instrument proposed for healing cancer patients by developing a 3D visual environment for patients to fight with their disease to comfort themselves.

Three dimensional animated graphical representations is a tool which can be used to facilitate the guided imagery sessions in children with brain tumors. The guided imagery therapy has a cognitive behavioral effect on patients, who are guided in imagining a scene to recover from physical/psychological illnesses and to improve the immune system. The imagery therapy has been successfully applied on variety of physical problems like in reduction of pain after surgery etc. The guided imagery researches have shown that if brain is stimulated through imaginations, it directly affects nervous system and endocrinology of body which ultimately changes the immunity system and the cellular level functioning is also changed. A neuro-chemical change occurs with every idea or imagination, which makes imagery as significant mind-body bridge. There is a flow of neuroptides from the Central Nervous System which enhances or inhibits the immunology through two major neuro immuno modulatory pathways that are neuroendocrine and autonomic, these are critically important in fighting disease. Researches have shown improvement in reducing the depression related to illness, reduces pain, and healing process become faster as compared to those who has not provided with these games. The video 3D animated imagination in form of game using PC for children with brain tumors will provide the explanation of how the tumors can be attacked by the immune system within their bodies. Immune cells are used as the weapons against tumors. Brain tumor is an abnormal growth of tissue in the brain. The tumor can either originate in the brain itself, or come from another part of the body and travel to the brain. Besides newer therapies for treating brain tumor like stereo tactic radio surgery, gene therapy etc., Psychological Imagery has also contributed for better prognosis reports.