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“Virtual Reality Simulation Framework for Psychological Therapy”


3D GIT is now working on new project of Virtual Reality and Anxiety Disorder, entitled “Virtual Reality Simulation Framework for Psychological Therapy”.

Our project is focusing on the development of Virtual reality environment to deal anxiety disorders with special emphasis on Phobic disorders. The game design plan centered on three types of phobias common in Pakistan i-e acrophobia, claustrophobia and social phobia. Four games will be designed for each phobia according to the situations, in three different application formats including PC, Ipad and android based.

Our Mission is to provide psychotherapy at home

Pakistani cultural content is been emphasized in the proposed project by developing the game in local languages. As 89 % of population in Pakistan are suffering from anxiety disease. The main focus of the project is to provide psychotherapy at home service. It provides no need of a therapist, as the game itself present a practical implementation for the treatment. The digital game will be available for the people in Pakistan, as they are reluctant to go to clinics and do not willing to share such fear problems, believing it to be unreasonable.