Benefits of Incubation Centre for the University

The Incubation Centre at CIIT will have the following benefits.

  • To forge a strong collaboration between the university and industry and to find solutions to technological problems locally. This will benefit faculty and students by usefully utilizing their full intellectual potential.
  • Local and International Employment opportunities for students (during study and upon graduation) and for Faculty.
  • Appreciable incentives for faculty from the revenue earned through commercialization of R&D.
  • Encouragement to faculty to obtain patents for their work. HEC has placed a very good equivalence for Patents versus Publications.
  • Attraction and retention from amongst the best as faculty and researchers.
  • Future development of Incubation Center to a Technology Park.
  • In the long run the presence of major international companies will help keep the university abreast of the latest technological trends and developments.
  • Channeling new global technologies and practices into Pakistan. The faculty will learn to take their products to maturity and will attain potential to absorb Technology Transfer.
  • Close links and collaborative efforts between the technology park businesses and tenants and the university faculty, researchers and students leading to joint research projects, especially for graduate and doctoral students.
  • Work experience programs for undergrads (part- and full-time jobs for university students) and custom-designed education programs for tenants and the industry.
  • Advice from tenants (companies) on course design and adjunct appointments of industry experts to teach and research in the university.
  • To develop the high technology value added products in Pakistan and to get related socio-economic benefits including import substitution.
  • To promote small tech-specific businesses and start-ups through an Incubator program (including Ex-students benefit).
  • Commercialization of university research.
  • To attract significant technology driven local and foreign investment in the Incubation Center and technology park in the long run, providing a strong point of presence for major national and international companies and enterprises.
  • Sharing of university equipment and laboratories at some profit.