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About Us

Best IT Innovation Awards (BITA) recognizes and encourages creativity in the field of Information Technology. It is the highest paid IT award in Pakistan with prize money of Rs. 1 Million. The main aim of BITA is to facilitate students, academicians and industry professionals in transforming their ideas into prototype with an initial funding.

Innovation changes our world

Innovation is a key enabler of economic growth in the twenty first century. Particularly, information technology is one field that has revolutionized the world by providing applications such as worldwide connectivity, social networking, industrial automation and smart transportation. Most top revenue generating organizations in the world currently are solely based on IT products.

For a country like Pakistan, which is blessed with plentiful human resource in the IT domain, there is a need to utilize their expertise in developing innovative products. Such an exercise can boost Pakistan’s economy by creating technical employment and increasing number of exports. Moreover, it will further advance Pakistan’s contribution in creating a better world.

Its your turn now,

In this regard, the purpose of BITA is to create a suitable platform for academia and professionals to share innovative ideas at an IEEE International conference in front of highly accomplished evaluators and audience from both academia and industry. This platform will not only provide necessary guidance, but also help to bring innovative ideas into limelight, which can then be transformed into successful products using initial funding from BITA.

Key Dates

Proposal Submission : October 15th 2017

Short listed proposal Announcement: November 15th 2017

Presentations: December 18th-20th 2017

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