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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can contest for the award?
    The contestants should hold Pakistani nationality.
  • What should be the main focus of innovation?
    The Project/Product Idea must have a strong relevance to the needs of Pakistan.
  • Can I contest for award, in case I already have funding from any other source?
    Any Project/Product Idea who is a winner of a grant/award from any other national/international agency will not be eligible to contest for this award.
  • What happens in case of incomplete application form?
    An entry is qualified for judging only when all required sections of application form have been completed and the subsequent request for any relevant documents have been answered properly. Incomplete entries will be disqualified. BITA is not responsible for follow-up of incomplete entries. If you are unsure if your entry is complete, please contact us.
  • What are the main categories of the applicants?
    The entry must fit within only one of the official award categories (Student, Faculty, and Industry/Self Employed).
  • What happens if I put project in improper category?
    If improperly categorized, an entry may be moved to a different category based on the recommendation of the judging panel, without consent from the contestant(s).
    A project/product idea cannot be submitted in more than one of the official award categories.
  • What about the entries submitted after deadline?
    Entries must be submitted via the official entry process and before the deadline. The entries received after the deadline will not be considered for the award.
  • Who will be responsible for copyrights and trademark issues?
    The contestant(s) will be responsible for any copyrights and/or trademark issues.
  • Is there any proof required for the affiliation?
    The contestants in each of the respective official award categories will have to provide the proof of their studentship; affiliation and employment respectively (see the table below for more information).


Documentary Proof Requirements for Contestants


 Documentary Proof Required


A certificate of studentship signed by their respective Head of Department / Institute or scanned copy of the student id card


Employment certificate.

Industry/Self Employed

Employment certificate of a company registered in Pakistan or undertaking that the applicant is self-employed.

  • Who will provide consent letter incase more than one person are participating as a group?
    In case the contestants are participating as a group, one of the members of the group will lead the group and will be the primary contact for BITA. He/she will have to provide the consent letter, stating willingness, from all the other member of the group. In case of any complaint in this regards, the contestant(s) will be rescind from the contest without any prior notice.
  • Will there be any additional information required?
    To evaluate an entry, the judges may ask for additional information for further use.
  • Who will be responsible for the legal requirements?
    The contestant(s) are responsible for fulfilling the legal/procedural requirements of his/her/their university/institute and/or company for applying for such contests. In case of any complaints in this regard, the contestant(s) will be rescind from the contest without any prior notice.
  • Is there any appeal process against the final decision?
    The decisions of the judges are final.
  • What happens in case of misrepresenting product/proposal?
    BITA reserves the right to rescind any awards or entry, granted to honorees/contestants that have misrepresented their product/proposal.
  • What happen if the online submission system comes under malicious attack?
    In the event a virus compromises the competition, non-authorized human intervention, tampering, or other causes beyond the reasonable control of BITA, which corrupts or impairs the administration, security, fairness, or proper operation of the Call for Entries, BITA reserves the right in its sole discretion to suspend, modify or terminate the Call for Entries. Should the Call for Entries be terminated prior to the stated closing date, BITA reserves the right to announce winners based on the nominations received before the termination date.
  • What kind of rights is reserved by BITA for future awards?

A contestant selected as winner gives BITA permission, without compensation, to use its name and photograph/likeness and/or entry in promoting this or similar awards programs in the future.

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