Wednesday, October 20, 2021

How to Enter

Preparing for Entry

Entering the Best IT Innovation Awards is easy – and it’s all done online.

Step One:  Draft Your Entry

Entries for BITA 2017 will open this coming October.

To prepare to submit entries to the BITA 2017 event:

  • Form preparation:
    • The application forms are available at: Application Form
    • Complete the BITA application form with all the fields completed correctly as per the instructions provided.
    • It is useful to have all the required information readily available as you fill out the form. This includes the following:
      • Corresponding contact information
      • Current Education/Employment status
      • Previous work, education, information

Step 2: Online Submission:

  • Applicants should submit BITA proposals before the deadline date published on the website in order to be considered for further processing.
  • The registration process is through Easy Chair where you are required to create a user Login and submit the following:
    • The completed Application Form
    • Résumé or Curriculum Vitae of the corresponding contact

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