Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Team Members

Dr. Junaid Mughal
Chairman Electrical Engineering Department

We have created these awards with a collective purpose: to help academia and industry connect, innovate and grow. I believe that we as a nation are ambitious and have great ideas for products and services. The academia also has the desire to make prototypes which can be converted into successful businesses. The purpose of BITA 2017 is to play our role as the leading engineering department of the country in the emerging innovation and commercialization ecosystem.

Dr. Adnan Fida
Assistant Professor

Knowing what you need to make a difference is one thing, finding a way to make that happen is another. We are pleased and excited to provide the way to the innovative Pakistani citizens for implementing their ideas. We as a team strive to create the perfect BITA events for you to connect with other innovators and celebrate how great you are.

  Dr. Bilal Ijaz
Assistant Professor
Dr. Awais Javed
Assistant Professor
  Dr. Faisal Siddique
Assistant Professor

I am a creative and a smart thinker. I like to explore unique solutions for complex problems and have an open mind about what will work the best. My creative mind has made me an effective innovator because I can anticipate problems and innovate solutions. I am very grateful for the opportunity COMSATS has given me to organize BITA event. In BITA, we provide a platform to the great minds who thinks differently and recognizing their ideas which are worthful.

Imran Lodhi
Research Associate
  Adeel Iqbal

Innovation in the field of Information Technology is essential for progress in this day and age. The world is now rapidly moving towards concepts such as smart cities, ubiquitous connectivity and Internet of Things. These modern technologies once fully developed will have plethora of applications in areas like health, transportation, agriculture etc. BITA provides an excellent opportunity to students and professionals in Pakistan to initiate innovative technology-related ideas that can benefit humanity.

Research Associate

Nida Zamir
Research Associate

I am a creative thinker and a productive person who can complete all given tasks with full focus and attention. I set my goals and work with full dedication to achieve them. I like to work in an environment which helps in instigating ideas. I am honored to be the part of an incredible event, BITA which promotes idea generation.

Asma Ramay
Research Associate

I am an ambitious and intuitive person who takes pride in personal growth and lifelong learning. My convictions are strong and I aspire to achieve high standards in any role undertaken .I am truly enthusiastic to be a part of BITA team as it is great platform to encourage creativity, explore new ideas and learn new things.


Kiran Nadeem
Lab Engineer

My positive attitude towards life and work along with my inner strength makes me who I am today. I am passionate about working as a member of BITA team where I can put my management, creativity and leadership skills to enhance idea generation and knowledge sharing process.

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