• Friday, August 26, 2016

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  • Masood Ahmed

This conference intends to bring together scholars from different disciplines to enhance the quality of technology and innovation studies in relation to development and growth in the context of international interactions and accelerating pace of change. The conference is going to provide a platform for establishment of scientific and technological cooperation among national and international researchers and experts, as well as introduction of national and international best practices in these fields.

The IRAMOT Conference attracts a large number of leading representatives from industry, academia and policy-makers in the fields of Innovation and Technology Management. It is closely linked to Iranian association of Management of Technology as a non-profit, non-governmental organization established with the aim of promoting the highest quality education and research in the field.

The conference will combine presentation of research papers in parallel tracks with poster presentation, expert panel discussions and plenary lectures. Around 10 outstanding papers will be chosen to be presented from a large number of submitted papers. This year’s keynote lectures will be given by a number of outstanding professors and professionals on technology and innovation management.

Moreover, during the conference, top managers of national and international companies will participate in and contribute to a number of expert panels to discuss the most relevant innovation and technology management challenges they face in specific sectors (energy, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, agriculture, information and communication and etc.). The focus on real challenges from innovation and technology management perspective is what makes the expert panels of the IRAMOT conference very appealing and popular.

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International Conference, Management, Technology, IRAMOT, 2016 Tehran, IRAN, December 7-8