• Monday, February 12, 2018

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World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) undertakes multiple programs to promote IP education and knowledge. One of such program is “Academic Institutions Program “ which aims to support advanced  education in IP Law by providing fully funded scholarships to qualified nationals from relevant public institutions and universities in developing counties, LDCs and countries with economies in transition. Under this initiative, several joint Master’s degree Programs on IP law are being offered in cooperation with academic institutions in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Latin America.
Currently, LLM program jointly organized by WIPO,  university of Turin is open for applications. The requisite documents and other detail of scholarship is available on the web link 

Being an important player of national IP system, we may encourage our ORIC and TISC officials  to compete for above mentioned opportunity. Moreover,  interested officials may regularly visit WIPO Academy website to explore other similar activities to improve their IP knowledge.