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REPORT on Friendly Football Match

 As per semester sports activities planner spring 2019, a friendly football match was played between CUI Attock Campus and Sanjwal Young Blood Football Club on 27th February, 2019 at football ground of CUI Attock Campus.  

CUI Attock football team beat the Sanjwal Young Blood Football team 4-2, after a very interesting competition. There was a tie between the two teams when the normal stipulated time ended. Therefore, five penalty shoot-outs were given to each team in order to determine the winner. CUI Attock came out to be the victorious by scoring 4 goals against 2 goals scored by Sanjwal Young Blood Football Club.

A large numbers of students also came to enjoy the competition as spectators.  It is noteworthy that players from both the teams showed great team effort and sportsman spirit.


Assistant Prof/Convener ECA

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