• Wednesday, August 11, 2021

  • CUI

  • International Office

Meeting with Director General CPEC at HEC Dr. Safdar Ali Shah

On Tuesday, 13 July 2021 officials from China Study Centre, CUI led by Dr. Tahir Mumtaz Awan visited office of DG CPEC at Higher Education Pakistan Dr. Safdar Ali Shah. Dr. Safdar warmly welcomed the delegation in his office. Incharge China Study Centre Dr. Tahir Mumtaz Awan briefed DG CPEC regarding activities and projects initiated by China Study Centre, CUI. DG CPEC appreciated the activities of China Study Centre, CUI.

During exchange of ideas avenues for future collaboration between HEC and China study Centre, CUI was discussed in length. DG CPEC elaborated the current status and role of “China-Pakistan Consortium of Universities” in establishing collaboration with Chinese Academia. Incharge China Study Centre pledged to cooperate on “China-Pakistan Consortium of Universities” as and when desired by HEC to contribute in appropriate manner. DG CPEC further shared to revive the “China-Pakistan Consortium of Universities” as soon as post-pandemic conditions are suitable and travel restrictions from China get back to normal. Incharge China Study Centre shared suggestions for holding the Consortium events which were much appreciated by DG CPEC. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by the host.