• Thursday, October 1, 2015

  • CUI

  • Faisal H. Roshan

ISLAMABAD, Sept 29: Cubator 1ne, established by COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among Pakistani youth, is working with the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for jointly promoting a training project called, “Start & Improve Your Business – SIYB” to jumpstart business incubation centers across universities in Pakistan.

The training module provides an internationally-recognized certification (certified by the ILO), and CIIT happens to be the first university in the country to roll out this unique training in Pakistan. The project is funded by the HEC while ILO provides the technical support.

Initially, 20 “master trainers” were imparted the SIYB training, among whom was also the Project Director of CIIT’s Cubator 1ne, Mr. Ahsan Mirza.

After monitoring trainings being imparted at 15 universities nationally, the ILO was so impressed by CIIT’s Cubator 1ne that its Project Director and “master trainer” was chosen to deliver trainings at a university Faisalabad.

To encourage entrepreneurship, CIIT is also making an effort to promote the establishment of the “SIYB Association of Pakistan,” bringing all business incubation ventures under one umbrella. The main goal is to promote entrepreneurship, job creation and act as a catalyst for those interested in establishing their own businesses. An additional objective is to train students to become master trainers so that the SIYB trainings could be delivered all across the country, boosting economic activity.