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  • Thursday, October 15, 2020

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  • Thursday, January 10, 2019

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Staying connected with your society would never be the same!

Geosocio is a CUI Initiative that aims to provide best experience to a person in a certain locality by making him familiar with his surroundings. It was developed by team of students.

Geosocio is a location based local magazine. It is the perfect solution for the food lovers to rate the foods and drinks in their surroundings and write their reviews about them. This would not only help others in deciding what to order depending on the ratings given by others but also the managers in maintaining the overall standard of their food. Our aim is to create an environment of competition for better reviews/ratings, providing individuals with best experiences.

May be you are a food lover and looking for the best foods in the city you just moved in. May be you like touring and you are looking for good tourist point in the place you are spending your vacations in. May be you want to buy something that is just around the corner of the street or sell something that a person is ordering on Amazon just a few blocks away. Or maybe you are finding it hard to find yourself a reasonable hostel/flat in a new area. Geosocio has an answer for all of this and much more.

Geosocio not only provide you with nearby cafeterias and food points but also with other people’s reviews and ratings about their foods and drinks. You can discover best attraction points nearby you with other peoples’ experiences. May be your potential buyer or seller is just few taps away or the flat/hostel you are looking for is ready to be rented in the neighborhood.

Geosocio has 37 distinct categories in which the person can post. You do not require to follow anyone, send friend requests, add to your circles or anything. All you need is internet connection and you are connected to every person in your society. You can rate the content the people post, and the people in your society. You can select your interest since not everyone wants their feed to feel like spammed by food posts. This way only those updates that match your interests will make it to your feed. Now it’s upto you if you select only 1 or all 37 categories.

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