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  • Friday, June 17, 2022

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Call for Applications

Three Zero grants Semester Abroad slots available at

Middle East Technical University (METU) (TURKEY)

 (FALL 2022)

 Applications are invited from Humanities, Biosciences and Electrical Engineering department students having:  

ü  Good academic standing (minimum of 3.30 CGPA),

ü  Excellent English communication skills,

ü  Availability of relevant courses at METU 

ü  Capacity to bear all expenses except tuition fee


Application deadline:

 June 23rd 2022

Application procedure:

Completed Application Form along with required following documents may be sent to above mentioned department HoD Offices by the deadline.

  1.  Transcript of Records (In English)
  2.  Copy of Passport / National ID Card
  3. Tentative Course Form (which can be downloaded from the ICO website)

Grants:  Tuition fee waiver only

For checking METU’s program and courses visit

For any further info, contact:

Mr. Ghazanfar Ali, International Office,, 051-90495398, Mob # 03335961216

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  • Wednesday, September 29, 2021

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Selected METU (Turkey) Exchange Students call on Turkish Counsellor for Education 

The selected group of Architecture students who shall be proceeding to Middle East Technical University (Turkey) on semester abroad called on Dr. Ilhami Ayranci, Counsellor for Education, at the Turkish Embassy Islamabad. 

The group was led by Mr. Arif Awan, Senior Program Officer and included Mr. Sibtain Ali Shah, Ms. Shayzal Ahmed and Ms. Wajeeha Fatima. 

A very warm welcome was accorded to the delegation by the Turkish official with Turkish chocolates and sweets.  In turn CUI presented some flowers and memento as a kind goodwill gesture. 

After a detailed introduction of CUI, its origins, its faculties, rankings and key facts, the selected CUI students were introduced to the Turkish official, Dr. Ayranci.  He took much interest in the introductions and pointed out that METU is a university of choice and everyday he approves at least five Pakistani students  proceeding to Turkey for education. 

The students on their part expressed their deep excitement at being selected for this once in a life time opportunity.   

Dr. Ayranci on his part advised them to make the most of their visit and see big cities like Konya and Istanbul and that too through the fast train.  He further urged them to visit the Presidential library which has something like three million books.  He also suggested to visit Bilkent university, which is just three kilometers away from METU in Ankara.  Indulging in Turkish cuisine and learning basic Turkish will be an icing on the cake to their visit. 

The conversations were very cordial and in an ambiance of genuine cordiality.  To correctly underscore this, Dr. Ayranci clearly said that he and his office is available for any further support the students may require even after they have reached Turkey. 

Mr. Awan used the occasion to covey to the Turkish Counsellor CUI’s engagement with Turkey till date and CUI’s desire to host Turkish students at CUI.  At this Dr. Ayraci said he has been to more than 20 countries and finds Pakistan ‘the best’.  So, he sees no reason why Turkish students will not be willing to come to CUI and Pakistan.  All that is needed is efforts! 

Lastly, Mr. Awan, used the occasion to convey the greetings of the Rector CUI to the Turkish Ambassador through the Educational Counsellor.  He also conveyed the desire to host the Turkish Ambassador at a time of his convenience.   

The visited ended with a memorable picture that registers the occasion in golden memory. 

  • Friday, October 25, 2019

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International office conducted an awareness seminar on 18th October, 2019 to share information about three fully funded study-aboard opportunities at Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey under Erasmus+. In this context Mr. Arif Awan, Senior Program Officer, International Office gave a power point presentation to the students of Architecture department CUI Islamabad campus.

The program started with the recitation of Holy Quran, followed by playing of two videos, one of Erasmus+ and the other on METU, to ignite interest and captivate the audience.

The presentation delivered by Mr. Awan focused on the nature and description of Erasmus+, facts and figures of the host University, objective and requirements, selection procedure, and tips for success.

Students’ interest was particularly high as this is a fully funded opportunity.

Likewise, after the presentation the students posed a variety of questions regarding eligibility, credit recognition and selection criteria, further confirming that all had a burning desire to avail this opportunity.

In the end, Ms. Areeba Shabbir student of Architecture department who has recently availed this opportunity last semester shared her experience of being at METU and Turkey.

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