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  • Friday, July 1, 2022

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Dated: June 28, 2022

CPS, COMSATS University Islamabad organized a seminar on June 28th, 2022, titled “Pakistan’s being on the Cusp of South Asia, Central Asia and Middle East: Pearl, Perils and Pitfalls; crisis and Opportunities.” Head CPS Dr. Ghulam Shabbir, in his opening remarks said that Pakistan being the fulcrum of three grand regions has a wide potentials of integrating socio-economic and cultural strengths of these belts, yet as a community we are like those who forget way amidst shifting sand dunes of the desert. Former Naval Chief, Admiral (R) Zafar Mahmood Abbasi said Pakistan has become like a ship adrift amidst the stormy waves of sea. We must resurrect the vision of Iqbal and Jinnah to set the dimension afresh. Senior seasoned politician Syeda Abida Hussain said we have achieved several milestones, yet we need scientific and technological education more advanced and equal to the needs of the time. She said socio-economic disparities and class system is a great hurdle in the way of our progress and prosperity. Head CPS in his closing remarks said the major strength of communities lies in common aspirations, history and cultural values. The geography of Arabian Peninsula was such a valueless entity that the Persia and Byzantine never bothered to conquer them, but when they were united on the ideology of Islam within thirty years of their splendid career, they destroyed the corrupt socio-economic structure of both empires and assumed the wheel of history. Geographies are peaceful abodes of communities, but the recurrent pattern of history suggests when communities forget their history and ideology, their geographies forget them.

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  • Tuesday, June 28, 2022

  • CUI

  • CCRD

Seminar on “Achieving Net Zero? Where CUI stands” by CCRD In collaboration with AIPS on 22nd June 2022

Centre for Climate Research and Development (CCRD), COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) in collaboration with American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS) organized a one day seminar entitled “Achieving Net Zero: Where CUI Stands”. The seminar was delivered by Dr. Mohsin Raza Assistant Professor at CCRD who is currently involved in calculating Carbon footprint of CUI, for all seven Campuses.

The participants were briefed about the carbon foot print calculation with emphasis on carbon emission of each campus and mitigation measures taken to absorb the emission. The presentation was followed by group discussion focusing on introduction of behavioral changes in carbon foot print calculation. Participants joining online, stressed on need of introducing climate change as a subject in curriculum of universities.

The Chief Guest Mr. Shahid Kamal (Advisor COMSTECH) in his concluding remarks briefed about the importance of working on climate change. The event was concluded by a group photo of the participants. Certificates were also distributed among the participants.



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  • Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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National consultative seminar on groundwater in Pakistan: “ Making invisible visible” on 23rd June 2022

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) Think tank Committee on water resources development organized a National consultative seminar on groundwater in Pakistan: “Making invisible visible” on 23rd June 2022 at PEC Head Quarters, Islamabad. The seminar provided a platform for the policy makers and experts to devise strategies based on the implementable action plans to set a timeline with focus upon groundwater deteriorating situation in Pakistan. The event was graced by Mr. Agha Hassan Baloch honorable minister for Science and Technology, Government of Pakistan. The discussion between the participants stressed on need of actions to tackle the groundwater quality and quantity situation in Pakistan. Dr. Umair Bin Nisar from Centre for Climate Research and Development (CCRD) represented COMSATS University Islamabad at the event.

Group photo of the participants of the seminar

  • Monday, June 20, 2022

  • CUI

  • Muhammad Waqas Altaf

  • Friday, June 17, 2022

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  • CCRD

Seminar on “Capacity Building of Faculty, Staff and Students for Water Conservation” By CCRD, CUI and Master Sanitary Fittings under the Industry Academia Linkages. 

Centre for Climate Research and Development (CCRD) CUI organized a seminar titled “Capacity Building of Faculty and Staff for Water Conservation” in collaboration with Master Sanitary Fittings to promote Industry Academia Linkages on Thursday, 16th June 2022.  

A large number of faculty members, staff, and students both inside and outside COMSATS University Islamabad participated and gained interest in the imperative event. Opening remarks were given by Professor Dr. Sajid Qamar, Dean Faculty of Sciences. Dr. Toqeer Ahmed, Tenured Associate Professor, CCRD, CUI highlighted the importance of water conservation and efforts made by CCRD for water conservation under the D-8 Secretariat funded project. 

Mr. Adnan A. Anjum, Regional Manager, Master Sanitary Fittings Industry (PVT) Limited delivered a talk about save water save Pakistan and contributions of company for water conservation. Mr. Jawwad Ahmed, Head of Engineering and Proposals, Prime Chemical Company briefly discussed the recycling and reuse of water. Awareness raising brochures prepared under the D-8 Secretariat funded project on water conservation were distributed among the participants. Souvenirs and shields were presented to the speakers and guests by Prof. Dr. Athar Hussain. Finally, closing remarks were given by Prof. Dr. Athar Hussain. Refreshments was served after the group photograph.