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  • Monday, September 13, 2021

  • CUI

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Call for the 2022 Nomination Cycle: Tyler Prize - environmental science, health, and energy. (Deadline: September 22, 2021)

The John and Alice Tyler Prize is awarded for environmental science, health, and energy conferring a great benefit upon humanity. The prize is endowed by a gift from John and Alice Tyler Charitable Trusts, and awardees are chosen annually by the Executive committee.
The award goes to Environmental science, health, and energy conferring a great benefit upon humanity.
Application process
Nominations must be submitted in the English language and include the following information as requested on the Nomination Form and emailed to:
  • Full names, addresses, etc. of Nominee (choose individual or institution, not both) and Nominator. All nomination forms must include the home and/or mobile number of the nominee. The nomination form can be found below in two pdf versions, one that is static and one that is fillable.
  • A one to two-page summary of the individual’s or institution’s accomplishments, discovery, improvement, or other contribution for which the award is proposed, including links to appropriate websites and works.
  • A list of three to five individuals (please include a contact name, organization, and email address) who would be ready to provide reference letters if the nomination is advanced to the short-list.
  • In the case of a nomination for an individual, a Curriculum Vitae should be attached with links to appropriate publications, reports, and websites featuring the unique contribution(s) for which the nomination is being made. For nominations for an organization, please provide a brochure or datasheet, links to the website, all relevant data, and any additional information in support of the nomination.
For more information, please visit: