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  • Wednesday, August 7, 2019

  • CUI

  • Muhammad Waqas Altaf

2-Day Training Workshop on STATA & E-Views Software Packages

(12th – 13th September, 2019) CUI, Islamabad


The role of econometric and statistical software packages cannot be ignored in any applied work. This is a two-day workshop aiming to introduce the participants with two popular software packages (Stata & E-Views). Detailed insights related to survey data will be covered using Stata while E-Views will be used to cover basic to advanced time series and panel data estimation methods. The workshop will involve a hands-on experience with real data sets. At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to use Stata and E-Views software packages to carry out a basic to advanced level analysis and to carry-out an independent research project.

Who Should Attend?

Students, faculty members and academic researchers in social sciences and related areas.


Topics Covered Day-1 (Stata Software)

1)      Introduction and basic overview of Stata software

2)      Importing different data sets into Stata

3)      Introduction to some basic to advanced level commands

4)      Appending and Merging data sets

5)      Working with Tables, Graphs, Log and Do Files in Stata

6)      Real World Application using PSLM Survey Data


Topics Covered Day-2 (E-Views Software)

1)      Introduction and basic overview of E-Views software

2)      Basic data handling and Importing different data sets into E-Views

3)      Basic Time Series Methods

4)      Advanced Time Series Techniques

5)      Working with Panel Data

6)      Econometric Approaches for Panel Data


Participation Fee

The workshop registration fee is Rs. 12,000 per participant.

Last Date for Registration is 6th September, 2019


Resource Person: Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed, Department of Economics, COMSATS Islamabad

For further inquiries please email or call 0321-5372746 / 0340-0505570.


Interested persons may register online by clicking “REGISTER” on the ORIC-PD website and submit their fee in advance.

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