Bus Tracking and Management System Using GPS, GSM and RFID Modules

The purpose of this project is to automate the transport system specifically in COMSATS, Islamabad. The university bus will be tracked throughout its route as well as transport users will also be able to get the location of the bus whenever required via text message or mobile app.

Persistence of Vision Display

The idea is to display a message using minimum no. of leds. Persistence of the vision basically is an optical illusion whereby multiple discrete images blend in to a single image in the human mind and the single line of the leds appears to be a message.  

Design of Room Temperature Regulation and Power Limitation Unit

Automatic temperature and appliance control is a key factor for nice living. Many techniques are devised to control room temperature and for automatic control of appliances. Here we are proposing an electronic control system can be used to control the temperature and appliances while keeping the power within specified set limits. Keeping the power within set limits will aid in the reduction of load-shedding problem. This basic aim of this project is basically an implementation of smart appliance control system in order to efficiently maintain the temperature and to reduce the amount of excessive load for low power, hence proving facilitation to meet the energy needs.

Unequal Error Protection in HEVC

The purpose of this project is to achieve unequal error protection in High efficiency video coding. A video is coded at different layers using HEVC, each layer is passed through a different channel, and then decode using HEVC decoder. By employing this technique, we can group our video data on the basis of its importance in video reconstruction, and then provide different degree of protection using Unequal Error Protection (UEP).

 Local Feature Enhancement of Lungs Images

The purpose of this project is to diagnose pulmonary cancer nodules in lungs. Spatial normalization is a key process in studies of lungs images, so we are working on an algorithm for normalization which will result in reasonable contrast enhancement in lungs images, thus making it easy to diagnose the nodules.

Improving Secrecy Rate via Cooperative Jamming base on Nash-Equilibrium

Power control scheme for cooperative communication is investigated which employs un-trusted relay. Cooperative jammer defines its jamming power through Nash-Equilibrium to improve the secrecy rate and to analyze the achieved utility rate of jammer.

LEAFFIN: Development of a Low Cost Aquaponics Food Production System

In this project, engineering tools is used to create an aquaponics system to grow food and plants in an easy and efficient way. Aquaponics holds the promise of becoming an economically viable way to grow sustainable, local and organic food. An aquaphonics system combines the hydroponic growing plants without soil by utilizing nutrient water and aquaculture.
Website: www.leaffin.com

Hardware Implementation of Self-Concatenated Convolutional Code (SECCC)

Channel coding has history to the middle of the twentieth century serving as a error correcting technique in digital communication system. Many convolutional coding schemes have been proposed to achieve the Shannon capacity. A self iterative constituent code known as Self-Concatenated Convolutional Code (SECCC). The decoding of SECCC is complicated procedure that often requires configurable hardware Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) has been used for the implementation of SECCC on hardware. Portability and flexibility are emphasized in the hardware implementation of SECCC so it can be used as part of configurable software radio.

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