Promotion Of Research Award

A journals high impact factor reflects its high repute and international recognition for publishing high quality research work. It is a quantitative measure, which helps in accessing the creditability and scholastic standing of a journal based upon the average citation of articles publish in the journal. It takes a lot of effort to publish research in high impact factor journals, which indicates the exceptional quality of such research. By introducing special incentives for researchers who publish in high impact factor journals, the Institute’s goal is to provide incentives to its faculty to produce high quality academic research.

There are many research journals which have a very high impact factor, two such journals are “Science (2013 impact factor: 31.47) and “Nature” (2013 Impact Factor: 42.35). The 5 years impact factor of both theses journals shows that there is very little variation in their impact factor from year to year. Other than these two, there are many other prestigious journals as well, with as high or higher impact factor.

In order to instill a new zeal and ignite a renewed for scholastic endeavors in our researchers, a new target is now being set forth for our faculty/researchers to pursue, which is as stated below:

“Any Researcher who publishes a full length research article in either “Science” or “Nature” will be awarded a cash prize of 0.5 million. In addition, a full length research publication that appears in journals having equal or higher impact factor than the lowest impact factor of either of these two journals ( ‘Sciences” or “ Nature”), will also be considered for the award. For any other article, e.g. letter. Review, etc published in such journals, a committee under the convener-ship of Dean RIC, including all Deans and two professors (either from within CIIT or from outside, to be nominated by the Worthy Rector) will take the final decision about the validity of such a publication for this award”

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