In order to promote the research culture at CIIT and provide support to productive faculty members to further their research activities, a support program is being initiated in which fully funded PhD studentships will be provided to such productive faculty members. It is hoped that the introduction of this program will generate a healthy competition amongst the faculty members, with more faculty members trying to achieve the set targets.

A regular CIIT PhD faculty members* with 100 to 149 cumulative impact factor will be allocated 2 PhD studentship at a time, between 150 to 199 cumulative impact factor he/she will be allocated 3 PhD studentship and 200 Plus cumulative impact factor will be allocated 4 PhD studentship, as per the following emoluments and rules & regulation:

  1. A stipend of Rs. 18,000/- per month to be granted to the student. (if the student achieves 3.4 CGPA after the first year of students then his/her stipend will be increased to Rs. 20,000/- per month, if the student maintains 3.4 CGPA in the subsequent years, then for the last two years of study his/her stipend will be 22,000/- per month).
  2. Full tuition fee will be provided (inclusive of semester registration fee , bench fee)
  3. Maximum Rs. 75,000/- will be granted as research expenditure to the supervisor per semester for each student.
  4. The maximum duration of the studentship program will be 4 years (8 semesters) from the date of admission.
  5. If a student is selected for IRSIP (HEC) for 6 months, his/her studentship will be frozen at the Institute and will continue upon his/her return. However, this period will be counted towards his/her maximum allowable studentship of 8 semesters.
  6. The student will be allowed to freeze only one semester during his/her studentship during which period all funds will stand suspended. If the student has to freeze further semester then these semesters will be counted towards the total time of the studentship programs and the funds will be curtailed for the said period. A students, who crosses the limit ( 8 semesters) of his /her studentship, will have to bear his/her own expenditures, including tuition, bench fee and living expenses. In addition, the research expenditure grant to the supervisor will also be curtailed.


PhD students who will be selected under this policy must be fulfilled following criteria:

  1. Student must have completed 18 years of study.
  2. An MS/M.phil with thesis of 06 credit hrs or its equivalent degree with thesi of 06 credit hrs, in the relevant field from an accredited educational institution with minimum CGPA of 3.0/4.0 (under semester system) or 70% marks (under conventional system), with no secounf divison (annual system) or CGPA less than out of 4.0/ 4.0 out of 5.0(semester sytem) throughout

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