University Industry Consortium

The University – Industry Consortia (UIC) was institutionalized by Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) with a vision to inculcate the essence of business and the real commercial world into the academic setup. The UIC is an integral part of the ORIC Conceptual Framework. With the initiation of University Industry Consortia, facilitation and enhancement of University – Industry Linkages for commercialization of research have been strengthened.

One of the key function as an eminent Institute of higher learning is to bridge the gap between academia and industry to make CIIT more relevant for the industry and community. A pre-requisite for any such effort is to bond with industry. Keeping this in view, CIIT has set the following two goals to systemize efforts.

In this pursuit, it was decided to formulate corporate advisory bodies (Uni-Industry Consortia) in all major academic disciplines to advice on research directions and commercial interests of CIIT. These Consortia serve as advisory bodies comprising of relevant corporate sector and CIIT representatives within all major academic disciplines. The organic growth of ideas and action plans stemming from these Consortia will help achieve the above stated goal.

As these consortia are getting functional, some of the prominent and vibrant corporate-side members may be placed on various CIIT academic bodies such as Academic Council and Boards of Faculty. In this context, ORIC also facilitates in working with Chambers of Industry & Commerce and other relevant corporate bodies to gather feedback on industry needs for incorporation in education.

The consortia have been established at Dean of Faculty’s level. The number of corporate and academic members has been kept at the maximum of six per side and the tenure of the members is two years (extendable). ORIC at CIIT being the principal custodian of all the consortia has also initiated a plan to support and facilitate the industry members for meetings with respect to physical displacements. So far, the consortia of the following faculties have been notified and approved by the Rector.

  1. Faculty of Sciences
  2. Faculty of Business Administration (2 Consortia)
  3. Faculty of Engineering
  4. Faculty of Information Science & Technology

The consortia are active and regular meetings are being held quite often. The status of the consortia will be discussed by Dean RIC in the Deans Committee Meeting.

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