Youth Enterprise Generator Program

YEGP is active and has arranged many Youth Engagement Services Programs in collaboration with British Council this year. Students from various departments participate in the Youth Conventions being held by various organizations.

The Youth Enterprise Generator Program is one of the core functions of ORIC. The program is designed in collaboration with the British Council. CIIT happens to be the first institute in Pakistan to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with YES Network Pakistan/ British Council. The MoU came into force on 29th December, 2011. The goals set forth for the Youth Enterprise Generator Program by ORIC are:

  • Inculcation of Entrepreneurial Culture in CIIT (Initially at Islamabad Campus and then expansion to other campuses)
  • Conduct of regular training and information sessions
  • Promotion of practical entrepreneurship among students through introduction of entrepreneurial curricular activities
  • Bringing entrepreneurs to CIIT to impart their experiences
  • Promotion of Social Entrepreneurship and community based micro – social enterprises
  • IDEAS Competition arranged by ORIC can be run in liaison with the YES Group

A chronology of events conducted with respect to Youth Enterprise Generator Program is provided below.

  • Orientation session was held in Dreamland Motel in January 9th 2012. The session focused on sensitizing the participants about the concept of youth social entrepreneurship, clarifying role and responsibilities of the participants, sharing action plan with participants for launching the concept of youth social entrepreneurship and sharing action plan with the participants for launching the concept of social entrepreneurship among youth.
  • At CIIT, the first interactive session/seminar on the topic “Social Entrepreneurship” for faculty was organized by Mr. Shahid Iqbal at Department of Management Sciences on Wednesday 21st March 2012. The session was participated over by 25 young faculty and staff members.
  • The next session was held at the Department of Management Sciences on March 25, 2012. 30 members from the CIIT faculty and students attended the session. Students clarified many concepts on social entrepreneurship in this session.
  • On March 26th 2012, Mr. Shahid Iqbal participated with 35 students of CIIT in the International Conference of British Council on Employer Engagement and Entrepreneurship for TVET Sector of South Asia under “Skill for Employability “Program. The Program was held at Serena Hotel, Islamabad.
  • A seminar to promote youth social entrepreneurship was held at Department of Management Sciences CIIT Islamabad on May 18. 2012. The seminar was co-organized with YES Group of British Council. The purpose of the event was to acquaint and orient the students of CIIT with the Social Enterprise Generator Program and the ways through which students can benefit from it. The three-hour seminar presented by Ms. Sana Zia who works as an Activist and possesses more than five years of national and international project management experience in Pakistan, USA, UK and Australia and has a mix of public and private sector experience.

As mentioned earlier, the promotion of entrepreneurship for economic and social benefit is envisioned as one of the primary functions of ORIC. It is planned that the YEGP be expanded to campus level in the next phase so that creativity may be materialized and CIIT may reap the fruits of entrepreneurship.

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