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Visit of Ms. Sabine Schultes to CUI on Decemeber 23, 2019
International Office   Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Ms. Sabine Schultes, a Functional Lead Transport Warehouse Safety at the German multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company Bayer, visited COMSATS University Islamabad on December 23, 2019. Ms. Schultes was accompanied by Mr. Khalid Latif who is the founder & Consultant at KL-TECHNICAL & HSE CONSULTANTS, and also a consultant & trainer at OSHES, Karachi and Mr.  Sajjad Ahmed, founder and consultant at OSHES Lahore. The guests were warmly received by the International Office team headed by Mr. Abbas Baloch, faculty members from Meteorology department and senior ex-advisor Mathematics at CUI, Dr. Attaullah Kalim.

Ms. Sabine was given a tour of the Junaid Zaidi library, where she was briefed about the processes and systems of the library. Different sections of the library were also shown to her. 

Later, she had a meeting with various faculty members of Biosciences and Meteorology department. She explained in detail the need to implement a duly regularized system of safety standards in place to ensure safety of the individuals handling the chemicals especially the shippers and the transporters who come in direct contact with the consignments. She shared her concerns over the lack of mass awareness of safety measures and emphasized that it is a matter of global concern which needs attention.

After a useful discussion and exchange of views, it was proposed that our researchers working in the relevant fields should present their projects for funding to work with the multinational industries like Bayer and others for educating and creating awareness on chemical safety. It was also agreed that Ms. Sabine would be invited again at CUI to conduct safety trainings for CUI students and faculty.

Ms. Sabine thanked the officials for the hospitality provided to her and appreciated a great deal, the positive response from CUI to work together in future.

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