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International Workshop on ‘Policy Making for Transforming Silo-based Education to STEM Education for Developing Countries’, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 24-26 March 2020
International Office   Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Appended fully funded opportunity for participation in subject mentioned workshop is submitted for kind perusal with the request to submit suitable nominations till February 03, 2020 through the Director of concerned Campus for further processing and onward submission to MoST. 

Furthermore, following are the required documents:

  1. Scanned copies of the relevant pages of the Passport
  2. Brief CV (maximum two pages, as per attached format; in MS Word)
  3. Abstract of Paper to be presented (about 1-2 pages, in MS Word)
  4. A statement on what qualifies you for participation in this training programme.

The Information about the subject mentioned Workshop in Sri Lanka as received from NAM S&T Centre  is appended  below for circulation at the CUI-Campuses for the interested candidates from CUI Faculty/Policy makers  to apply through the Ministry of Science and Technology Govt of Pakistan- the focal point for the NAM S&T Centre.

The Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Centre)  invites nomination of concerned scientists, experts and professionals for participation in an International Workshop on ‘Policy Making for Transforming Silo-Based Education to STEM Education for Developing Countries’that would be organized in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 24-26 March 2020 in partnership between the NAM S&T Centre, and the Ministry of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation, Sri Lanka and the National Science Foundation (NSF), Sri Lanka.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related subjects are taught in silos at schools and it requires modern methods of integrated learning to change the mindset of learners. STEM approach to education is aimed at revolutionizing transformation of silo-based education of science and mathematics by incorporating technology and engineering into regular curriculum and creating a “meta-discipline system”. STEM Education attempts to transform the typical teacher-centred classroom by encouraging a curriculum that is driven by problem-solving, discovery, exploratory learning, and requires students to actively engage in a situation to find its solutions to the problems.

The main objectives of the workshop are to assess the current status of STEM education in developing countries and ascertain gaps in knowledge and identify and develop a research agenda to address relevant gaps in syllabuses, implementation programmes, etc. relevant to STEM education in developing countries.

Request for attending the above Workshop may please be sent to the NAM S&T Centre (E-mail: by completing the Nomination Form, a copy of which is included in the attached Announcement (also available on the Centre’s website English will be the official language of the Workshop.

Free local hospitality, including accommodation and meals, will be provided to all the NAM S&T Centre sponsored foreign participants from 
23rd March 2020 (Afternoon) to 27th March 2020  (Forenoon) i.e. for 4 nights beginning from one day before the commencement of the Workshop and for an additional day after its conclusion. The participants should arrange their flight schedules accordingly; otherwise they will have to make their own arrangement of stay beyond these days.

Besides this, the NAM S&T Centre will provide 
return airfare between the international airport in your country and Colombo by Excursion Class by Shortest Route to one official nominee of your country, if selected by the Selection Committee, provided the application is routed through our Focal Point in your country. It may kindly be noted that while the Focal Points may nominate as many applicants as they wish, the NAM S&T Centre, according to its guidelines, will consider only one ‘Official’ nomination from Pakistan  for providing the international fare. All the additional nominations received through the respective  Focal Point - Ministry of Science and Technology 

Nominations received by the NAM S&T Centre can also be  o  considered, but such applicants, 
if selected, will have to arrange for their international airfare and will also be required to make payment of a Processing Fee of US$500 to the NAM S&T Centre in advance to partly offset the expenditure incurred by the Centre in organising this event.

The last date for submission of the application in the prescribed Nomination Form, complete in all respects, is
 Wednesday, 12th February 2020.


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