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Talha Nobeen

Reg #: SP16/BSE/010/ABD

SP16/BSE/010/ABDBS(SE)2020Abbottabad View Details
Hafeez sajad sajad

Reg #: SP16/BSE/086/ABD

SP16/BSE/086/ABDBSE2020Abbottabad View Details
Aamir Khan

Reg #: SP15/BS(EPE)/001/ABD

SP15/BS(EPE)/001/ABDBS(EPE)2019Abbottabad View Details
Haleema Attique

Reg #: FA17/R01/004/ABD

FA17/R01/004/ABDMS(CS)2020Abbottabad View Details
Shamim Khan

Reg #: FA12/R60/001/ABD

FA12/R60/001/ABDR602020Abbottabad View Details
Faisal Mehboob

Reg #: FA15/BSE/007/ABD

FA15/BSE/007/ABDBS(SE)2020Abbottabad View Details
Hamza Faheem

Reg #: SP16/BS(ERS)/010/ABD

SP16/BS(ERS)/010/ABDBS(ERS)2020Abbottabad View Details
Shah Sawar

Reg #: SP15/BCS/044/ABD

SP15/BCS/044/ABDBS(CS)2020Abbottabad View Details
Rizwan Aziz

Reg #: FA13/BS(EPE)/054/ABD

FA13/BS(EPE)/054/ABDBS(EPE)2019Abbottabad View Details
Habib ur Rehman

Reg #: FA17/R06/045/ABD

FA17/R06/045/ABDMS(CHM)2020Abbottabad View Details
Abdul Fattakh

Reg #: FA18/RBA/001/ABD

FA18/RBA/001/ABDMBA(1.5)2020Abbottabad View Details

Reg #: SP16/R04/012/ABD

SP16/R04/012/ABDRMS2020Abbottabad View Details
Muhammad Shahzeb Malik

Reg #: SP16/BS(SE)/006/ABD

SP16/BS(SE)/006/ABDBS(SE)2020Abbottabad View Details
Rabia Hashim

Reg #: SP16/BBA/011/ABD

SP16/BBA/011/ABDBS(BA)2020Abbottabad View Details
Habib Ullah

Reg #: FA15/BS(EPE)/069/ABD

FA15/BS(EPE)/069/ABDBS(EPE)2020Abbottabad View Details
Abdul Basit Ali

Reg #: FA15/BEE/049/ABD

FA15/BEE/049/ABDBEE2020Abbottabad View Details
Hamza Fahad Saleem Malik

Reg #: SP16/BTN/002/ABD

SP16/BTN/002/ABDBTN2020Abbottabad View Details
Syed Shahbaz Rasool

Reg #: SP16/BCS/033/ABD

SP16/BCS/033/ABDBS(CS)2020Abbottabad View Details
Najib ul Hassan

Reg #: FA15/BS(EPE)/064/ABD

FA15/BS(EPE)/064/ABDBS(EPE)2020Abbottabad View Details
Umar Junaid

Reg #: SP16/BSE/011/ABD

SP16/BSE/011/ABDBSE2020Abbottabad View Details

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