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Muhammad Hassan Khan

Reg #: SP15/BS(EPE)/123/ABD

BS(EPE)2019Abbottabad View Details
Talha Maqbool

Reg #: FA14/BEE/112/ABD

BEE2018Abbottabad View Details
Muhammad Usman

Reg #: SP15/BTY/010/ABD

BTY2018Abbottabad View Details
Hafiz Muhammad Shabbir

Reg #: SP15/BEE/024/ABD

BEE2019Abbottabad View Details
Omer Ehsan

Reg #: FA14/BSE/022/ABD

BSE2018Abbottabad View Details
Fiza Haq Nawaz

Reg #: FA14/BCE/032/ABD

BS(CE)2019Abbottabad View Details
Sayed Mushahid Hussain

Reg #: SP17/R15/013/ABD

R152019Abbottabad View Details
Muhammad Suleman Jamal

Reg #: SP15/BS(EPE)/057/ABD

BS(EPE)2019Abbottabad View Details
Zeeshan Javed

Reg #: FA13/R09/019/ABD

MS(EE)2017Abbottabad View Details
Rahat Ullah Khan

Reg #: SP08/BCE/022/ABD

BS(CE)2012Abbottabad View Details

Reg #: FA16/R03/003/ABD

R032018Abbottabad View Details
Shahryar khan

Reg #: SP15/BS(TN)/018/ABD

BS(TN)2019Abbottabad View Details
muhammad kamran khan

Reg #: SP14/BCS/012/ABD

BS(CS)2018Abbottabad View Details
Saqib Ali

Reg #: FA14/BSE/061/ABD

BSE2018Abbottabad View Details
Usama Jamshed

Reg #: SP15/BS(EPE)/097/ABD

BS(EPE)2019Abbottabad View Details
Abeer Sajjad

Reg #: FA14/BSE/024/ABD

BSE2018Abbottabad View Details
Muhammad Hamayoun

Reg #: SP15/BS(EE)/056/ABD

BS(EE)2019Abbottabad View Details
Safi Hussain Syed

Reg #: SP15/BS(EPE)/074/ABD

BS(EPE)2019Abbottabad View Details
Wajdan Ali

Reg #: SP15/BS(EPE)/099/ABD

BS(EPE)2019Abbottabad View Details
Amad khan

Reg #: SP14/BCE/050/ABD

BS(CE)2019Abbottabad View Details

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