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syed waqar hyder

Reg #: FA13/BS(AF)/037/ISB

BS(AF)2017Islamabad View Details
Raja Mohsin Naeem

Reg #: SP13/BSE/067/ISB

BSE2017Islamabad View Details
Najah Siddiqui

Reg #: FA13/BS(AF)/004/ISB

BS(AF)2018Islamabad View Details

Reg #: SP12/BCS/088/ISB

BS(CS)2018Islamabad View Details
shahbaz Ali Khan

Reg #: SP12/BCS/199/ISB

BS(CS)2017Islamabad View Details
AbduSami bin Khurram

Reg #: SP11/BCS/190/ISB

BS(CS)2016Islamabad View Details
Muhammad Hasan

Reg #: FA13/BS(Phy)/016/ISB

BS(Phy)2018Islamabad View Details
Nouman Zameer

Reg #: FA13/BS(Phy)/014/ISB

BS(Phy)2017Islamabad View Details
Muhammad Salman

Reg #: SP16/RCS/016/ISB

MS(CS)2018Islamabad View Details

Reg #: FA13/BBA/178/ISB

BS(BA)2018Islamabad View Details
Zainab Altaf

Reg #: SP15/MSPM/027/ISB

RPM2017Islamabad View Details
Syed Muhammad Kashif

Reg #: FA14/RMS/011/ISB

RMS2018Islamabad View Details
M. Ilyas Qureshi

Reg #: FA03/MBE/034/ISB

MBE2005Islamabad View Details
Muhammad handal Baig

Reg #: FA17/BCS/050/ISB

BS(CS)2018Islamabad View Details
eman zameer rahman

Reg #: FA16/RBA/003/ISB

RBA2017Islamabad View Details
Rameen Haider

Reg #: SP17/BS(PSY)/029/ISB

BS(PSY)2018Islamabad View Details
Hira Zulfiqar

Reg #: FA13/BS(BS)/002/ISB

BS(BS)2018Islamabad View Details
Kamran Faryad

Reg #: SP12/BCS/263/ISB

BS(CS)2018Islamabad View Details
mir kail

Reg #: SP13/BEL/039/ISB

BEL2018Islamabad View Details
Qaiser Abbas

Reg #: SP14/BEL/004/ISB

BEL2018Islamabad View Details

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