Latest PhD Studentships in Engineering

Monday, June 20, 2016

niversity of Sheffield - [PhD Research Project]
MBE growth of high quality single Quantum Dots

Manchester Metropolitan University - [PhD Research Project]
Catalysts for low temperature after-treatment of emissions in automotive applications

National Structural Integrity Research Centre - [PhD Research Project]
PhD Studentship (Sponsored by Lloyds Register Foundation) - Enhancement of RBI for Structural Integrity Management

University of Southampton - [PhD Research Project]
Next Generation Composite Fibres for Biological Sensing

University of Sheffield - [PhD Research Project]
Characterisation of Organic/Inorganic Perovskite-Structured Hybrid Materials for Photovoltaic Applications

Swansea University - [PhD Research Project]
RCUK Funded PhD Studentship: Processing of Nano Copper Materials for the Production of Conductive Circuits

IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca - [International PhD Programme (Italy)]
2016/17 PhD program at IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca

University College London - [PhD Research Project]
Analysis of Uncertainties in a Multiscale Model of Atherosclerosi

University of Leeds - [PhD Research Project]
Long Term Storage of Magnox Fuel in Dry Conditions

University of Strathclyde - [PhD Research Project]
Modelling and Simulation of Advanced Electrical Systems for More Electric Aircraft

Cranfield University - [PhD Research Project]
Forensic Science Aspects of the Ageing Skeleton - PhD Studentship

University of Canterbury - [PhD Research Project]
Bayesian analysis in NMR

University of Manchester - [PhD Research Project]
Large Area Gas Monitoring using Optical Sensor Grid with Guided Path Tomography

University of Sheffield - [PhD Research Project]
EPSRC PhD Studentship in Robust Design Optimization - Exploring the link between emulation and optimization for the robust design of complex engineered products

University College London - [PhD Research Project]
Electron and energy transfer in two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks

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