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The decision to start a Department of Architecture at Islamabad is an opportunity to set a new course for Architecture in Pakistan. It is an opportunity to re-examine and re-value the architectural education prevalent in the country. This is also an effort to bring back Art into Architecture which was lost in the last few centuries. The aim is to create holistic thinking about the conceptual basis of design.

Architecture must flow from the mind of the architect always addressing the issues of tradition, function, energy efficiency, climate control, structural stability and any other factor that impinges concepts of the solutions to the problem.

The Department aims to deal with questions of tradition and modernity, comfort, environmental sustainability, appropriate architecture, not as separate subjects in an isolated manner. Every assignment or project in the subject of Architectural Design will incorporate these elements at the simple to complex levels so that these issues become an integral part of student thinking.

Therefore at the end of the program students will not set out to do a “traditional” or “modern” design, but will bring their own unique approach based on their vision to bear upon all designs that they carry out. Thus the students will continuously examine the context of the problem at hand and will discover within themselves solutions that are based on personal sensitivities.

The Department takes pride in having a strong faculty with years of extensive experience in architecture, design and aesthetic studies.

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