About Us

The Business Incubation Center at COMSATS Institute of Technology aims at commercialization of CIIT Research and Development. This is to be achieved through rapid and sustainable development to economy by deploying knowledge inputs to the society. The vision relies on education and technology inputs especially that available or developed at our university to industry, agriculture, health and in all areas of CIIT expertise and to contribute towards improvement of socio-economic structure of Pakistan.

Vision and Mission

The purpose of establishment of BIC at CIIT is in line with the vision 2030 of Planning Commission of Pakistan that Pakistan must become a developed, industrialized, just and prosperous nation within one generation. The concept lays emphasis on application of R&D, respectable employment opportunities for our educated and technical manpower and development of indigenous enterprises to create appropriate jobs and stop the cream of HR from settling abroad and to stop the brain drain. When employed in enterprises developed locally, the technical manpower will help to create knowledge based economy.

Nation has made efforts in the field of higher education. The budget in this field was increased by an order of magnitude during the last decade. This effort brought fruit and the number of universities and degree awarding institutions has gone up from 50 to 130 from year 2000 to 2007. The number of students enrolled for graduation has risen from about 375,000 to 750,000. About one lakh students graduate every year. The accumulated number of Ph.Ds has doubled to 5000 presently. A good proportion of this highly educated manpower has been attracted by the universities in Pakistan like COMSATS.

To spread knowledge, to achieve excellence and to obtain socio economic benefits COMSATS Institute of Information Technology has the following mission with a well devised road map.

  1. To Attain and Impart Knowledge: Advancement of knowledge through education in an academically diverse range of disciplines. For this purpose institutes have been set up in all parts of the country.
  2. Achieve Excellence: To generate and preserve knowledge, understanding and creativity by conducting high quality R&D to benefit students, scholars and communities across the country.
  3. Apply the Knowledge: Extension and application of knowledge and its exchange with society and entrepreneurs.

Establishment of Business Incubation Center is part of the roadmap to utilize knowledge and expertise thus generated.