Road Map

Main objective of Business Incubation Center is to utilize the newly educated, highly technical manpower for the social economic development of Pakistan. This manpower has been trained mainly in foreign countries in excellent environment and is available in our universities. We should be able to utilize this expertise in our university to the socio-economic benefit of the country, especially in technical entrepreneurship. Further we don’t want to lose this talent and want to stop the brain drain and provide quality jobs.

BIC is being developed to use the university R&D through entrepreneurs for these objectives. We aim to utilize the university R&D for production of new high tech products in the country.

The approved road map of BIC is as follows

  • To start from the departmental research groups’ output or products, which are mature or are nearly mature.
  • These products are taken up at the innovation center of BIC to convert them to marketable product through design improvements, integration, quality assurance with the help of relevant faculty and the stake holders.
  • BIC will license these products to a new entrepreneur or to an already existing business for production and marketing after due IPR legal considerations. One of the main constituent of BIC infrastructure is legal and marketing section.
  • New entrepreneurs will be formed preferentially from the CIIT graduates. They will be provided facilities at BIC. The BIC infrastructure will help them to develop into self sustaining business within 18 to 24 months.
  • For commercialization of R&D, the faculty and the relevant department will be given attractive incentives from the revenue earned out of licensing.
  • Full time Research Associates will be available at the innovation center to help the faculty in prototype development alongside their post graduate students.
  • The university-industry interaction is to be strengthened through workshops, symposia, lectures, poster shows, training courses, exhibitions and open days. Incubation Center has a special section and workshop available for this purpose.

Project Selection

The products and projects at the innovation center will be selected from the field of expertise at CIIT gradually, these are:

  • Biosciences, Biofertilizers/ Biopesticides for different crops, Pharmaceutical Development, development of Bacterial Biosensors, Bioremediation Strategies and development of Vaccines,
  • Information Technology, Design in various fields and technologies, Digital Signal Processing, Bio-informatics, and Project Management Sciences.
  • Electrical and Electronics including Semiconductor Technology, Nano-Technology, Telemetric Monitoring, and Fiber Optic Communication, Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Saving.
  • Agro based Plant Tissue Culture Technology for Micro Propagation of Plants, Flowers and Seeds of demand, production of difficult crops, vegetables, Industrial Waste and Pollution Management.

Forms are available with BIC for Registration, IP rights ownership of faculty, as well as 3rd party. Forms are also available for patent applications.