BIC Legal and Marketing Department

BIC has established a Legal and Marketing department to provide services in:

  • Patents Registration, Patent drafting.
  • Copy rights
  • Trade marks
  • Incorporation of start up companies.
  • Facilitate incubation companies in taxation & accounts matter.
  • Drafting MOUs, agreements, NDAs, Policies etc
  • Providing legal opinions to departments.
  • Handling legal cases in High courts about institution regarding employment cases, student graviences, Disciplinary cases etc.


The business Incubation Centre will provide incubator facilities, logistics, financial and legal advice, intellectual property rights office, ToT office, shared administration, meeting rooms, broad band internet, if possible satellite connectivity, e-library connectivity, video conferencing, multimedia service, conference rooms, training and consultancy, student intern availability and flexible project development space.

The centre will have facilities like security, fire fighting, cleaning and transport management common with the main campus

To meet the development requirements innovation facilities will be gradually available in IT, Design and Bioinformatics Electronics and Electricity Agro based products and Microbiology.

Support facilities such as Green House and Glass house are provided for innovative development in biosciences.