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Research and Enterprise on Food Safety in Developing World

Current issues of food safety are the subject of hot debate globally. Public concerns and awareness are rising every day due to reports published on food-borne diseases, poor quality and associated risks. Quality of human health cannot be assured unless ample amount of nutritional and safe foods are made available to the people. About one third of population of the world is still suffering from the issues of food security and malnutrition. The situation is even worse in developing world. The main focus of biological imperatives, objectives, and new domains of research is to achieve nutrient, food safety and security. Department of Biosciences, CIIT Islamabad teamed upto organize an international conference in December, 2016 focusing on the issues faced by developing world for food safety & security and ongoing research on food safety. The event will bring together international experts, German alumni, food safety experts, scientists, academicians, entrepreneurs and students. This event will be linked up to a one-day training course on “Food Safety and Good Laboratories Practices” for young researchers and students.

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