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Safe water: Is your plastic container poisoning your water?

Plastic bottles, containers and water storage tanks are commonly available in different forms in the local markets and are used for the storage of drinking water and food across the country. The annual production of these water storage tanks is increasing and has more than doubled in the last 15 years. These plastic water tanks are generally preferred as they cost less, are made of stronger material, are light-weight and easy to manoeuvre than many other alternatives.

However, lack of awareness and adequate knowledge about the toxicity caused by the plastic and synthetic chemicals used in these tanks has raised serious concerns.

Despite claims by manufacturers regarding their safety, these plastic tanks have more drawbacks than benefits. Plastic water tanks can only be considered a good alternative for ceramic or cement water tanks if they were resistant to heat and Ultraviolet (UV) rays and manufactured from non-toxic material that does not affect the odour and taste of water.
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