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Research Publications

Following is the list our research papers.

Journal Papers

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 819 items in 103 pages
Arshad M, Fatmi MQ, Musilek K''In silico and in vitro evaluation of two novel oximes (K378 and K727) in comparison to K-27 and pralidoxime against paraoxon-ethyl intoxication.'',2018. view details..
Muhammad Asif Rasheed, Abdur Rahman Ansari, Awais Ihsan''Prediction of conserved sites and domains in glycoproteins B, C and D of herpes viruses'',2018. view details..
Farah Nazir, Muhammad Ibrahim, Ghunva Zaman''Genetic Diversity and Functional analysis of sigma factors in Enterobacter cloacae complex resourced from various niche.'',2018. view details..
Sheikh Arslan Sehgal, , ''In silico elucidation of potential drug target sites of the Thumb Index Fold Protein, Wnt-8b'',2018. view details..
Sheikh Arslan Sehgal, Mirza Hammad, Rana Adnan tahir, Hafiza Nisah Akram, Faheem Ahmad''Current therapeutic molecules and targets in neurodegenerative diseases based on in silico drug design'',2018. view details..
Rana Adnan Tahir, Sheikh Arslan Sehgal, ''Pharmacoinformatics and Molecular Docking studies reveal potential novel compounds against Schizophrenia by target SYN II'',2018. view details..
Asia Nosheen, , Rabia Naz''Pseudomonas putida improved soil enzymes activity and growth of kasumbha under low input of mineral fertilizers.'',2018. view details..
Rabia Naz, , ''Botanical-chemical formulations enhanced yield and protection against Bipolaris sorokiniana in wheat by inducing the expression of pathogenesis-related proteins'',2018. view details..

Conference Papers

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 1020 items in 128 pages
Sabah Suhail , CS Hong , M. Ali Lodhi''Data Trustworthiness in IoT'',2018. view details..
Sundas Shafiq , , ''An approach towards efficient scheduling of home energy management system using backtracking search optimization and tabu search'',2018. view details..
Itrat Fatima , , ''Stochastic Power Management in Microgrid with Efficient Energy Storage'',2018. view details..
Iqra Fatima , , ''Efficient Demand Side Management using Hybridization of Elephant Herding Optimization and Firefly Optimization'',2018. view details..
Anila Yasmeen , , ''A Metaheuristic Scheduling of Home Energy Management System'',2018. view details..
Asif Khan , , ''Time and device based priority induced demand side load management in smart home with consumer budget limit'',2018. view details..
Aasma Khan , , ''Void Hole and Collision Avoidance in Geographic and Opportunistic Routing in UWSNs'',2018. view details..
Ahmad Jaffar Khan , , ''A Hybrid Bacterial Foraging Tabu Search Heuristic Optimization for Demand Side Management in Smart Grid'',2018. view details..