CCED Trainers

Dr. Cheema

Dr Cheema specialised in Disaster Studies during his doctorate from Massey University, New Zealand. He worked with 2005 earthquake affected rural communities in district Mansehra for his research work. His work has been received well beyond New Zealand and Pakistan and he has been invited to present his research at international forums in Australia, South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

He is certified trainer of adult learning by Higher education Commision of Pakistan.He has been a top ranked effective teacher and learning facilitator by his students. He has experience of working with NGO's, private and public sector.

Dr. Aurangzeb Z. Khan

Dr. Aurangzeb Z. Khan is Head of the CIIT Center for Executive Development and Principal Research Officer in the Department of Management Sciences at CIIT’s Islamabad campus which he joined in March 2005.

Dr. Khan earned his doctorate in Public Administration from the German University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer, Germany, in 2004. He also earned the German degree equivalent of the Master of Business Administration from the University of Trier, Germany, in 1990. In 2010-11 he was Fulbright Visiting Scholar (post-doc) to the University of Maryland in College Park, USA, where he taught to undergraduate and graduate students at the Clark School of Engineering’s project management programme.

In the course of his professional career, Dr. Khan has served as Executive Assistant at a private consulting firm in Islamabad, as Programme Coordinator at the German Hanns-Seidel Foundation in Islamabad, and as Research Fellow at the Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad. While working at CIIT Islamabad he has conducted trainings for the Asia Foundation under its nation-wide Citizen Voice Project, for Telenor Pakistan, for the Military Vehicles Research & Development Establishment, and the Pakistan Institute of Applied Engineering Services.

Dr. Khan pioneered the introduction of Pakistan’s first master programme in project management at CIIT Islamabad in the fall semester 2008. His focus prime areas of thematic interest are project stakeholder management and engagement, project monitoring, evaluation and control, and project governance.

Professor Dr. Qaisar Abbas

Professor Abbas is the Dean of the School of Business Administration in the CIIT campus system. Since joining CIIT as an Assistant Professor in 2002 he has held several key administrative positions including Head of the Department of Management Sciences.

Professor Abbas earned his MSc. in Economics from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, and his MPhil. in Development Economics from the same university. He earned his doctorate in Human Resource Development from Nankai University, China. He did his post-doc at Cardiff Business School in the United Kingdom.

In the course of his professional career prior to his joining CIIT Islamabad, Professor Abbas worked for the Government of the Punjab where he seved as Deputy Director Development in the District Development Committee (Planning & Department) in Rawalpindi, and as Assistant Chief in the Agency for Barani Areas Development.

His areas of thematic interest include economics, human resource development and management, research methodology and quantitative analysis.

Professor Dr. Khalid Riaz

Professor Riaz is a Foreign Faculty Professor in the Department of Management Sciences at CIIT Islamabad. Until recently he served as the Head of the Department. He joined CIIT in April 2010.

He earned his MS.c in Economics from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad and his doctorate in the same subject from the University of Iowa, USA, in 1994.

Professor Riaz has decades of professional work experiences spanning several countries and important projects undertaken on behalf of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (as Chief Technical Advisor, Water Resources Economist) and the World Bank (as Natural Resources Economist) in Yemen, and for the Government of Pakistan for which as a member of the Committee of Agriculture and Food Security established by the Planning Commission of Pakistan he contributed to the development the agriculture strategy of the 10th five year Plan.

Professor Riaz is a researcher of international standing, having made significant contributions to expanding the horizon of knowledge in his research output. He is presently coordinating a programme encompassing a series of trainings in eleven subject areas for the Asia Foundation under its Citizen Voice Project.

His areas of thematic interest are primarily economics and selected specialized thematic areas of the subject, especially agriculture and water resource management.

Professor Dr. Aneel Salman

Professor Salman is currently a Professor of Economics and Management at CIIT Islamabad. He earned his doctorate from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York, USA. He was also a Fulbright Scholar and Alumni of the Institute of Business Administration in Karachi.

Professor Salman has in‐depth understanding of technical as well as business domains of the corporate environment. In a career spanning twelve years, he has been exposed to multi‐dimensional business processes ranging from organizational and leadership development, process improvement and efficiency enhancement, job and organizational structural analysis, talent management, ISO and competency quality control.

His major areas of interest and expertise are supply chain management, organizational & leadership development, institutional economics, organizational structure analysis, talent management and corporate social responsibility. Clients he has served in Pakistan include the non-profit and public sector organizations and leading multinational and local companies in the following industries: FMCGs, beverages, packaging, manufacturing, textiles, banking & finance.

Professor Salman work has been published in several international journals, books and newspapers. He has extensive experience of conducting public training courses and developmental workshops.

Dr. Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah

Dr. Zulfiqar Shah is Chairman of the Faculty of Business Administration at CIIT and Associate Professor in the Department of Management Sciences.

Dr. Shah earned his doctorate in Finance and Accounting from Manchester Business School at the University of Manchester , UK. He also holds a master’s degree in Higher Educationfrom the University of Warwick, UK, and an MBA from the University of Peshawar which he achieved with distinction.

Before embarking upon his academic career, Dr. Shah served as a bank manager for several years in Pakistan. He later joined the faculty at the University of Peshawar and subsequently at the University of Exeter, UK, where he taught finance and accounting. He also served on the faculty of the University of Warwick before joining CIIT Islamabad.

Dr. Shah’s areas of thematic interest are finance and accounting. He has is a trainer for the Asia Foundation under its Citizen Voice Project.

Dr. SaqibYousaf

Dr. SaqibYousafis an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management Sciences at CIIT Islamabad.

Dr. Yousaf earned his doctorate in Business Administration from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration in Austria. He also a Masters in Business Administration from International Islamic University in Islamabad as well as a Diploma in Human Resource Management from the National University of Science and Technology.

He has experience working with both public as well as private sector organizations, serving as an Assistant Director in the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, as Marketing Executive at COMCEPT Pvt. (Ltd.), and as Assistant Project Manager at Magic East Pvt. (Ltd.).

Dr. Yousaf’s areas of thematic interest are primarily human resource management and development, and marketing. He has conducted several trainings for the Asia Foundation under its Citizen Voice Project.

Mrs. Ghazala Amin

Mrs. GhazalaAmin is the Incharge of CIIT Islamabad’s Master of Science in Project Management programme and Assistant Professor in the Department of Management Sciences. She joined CIIT Islamabad in 2008.

Mrs. Amin earned her Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering and her Master’s in Electrical Control Systems from Wayne State University in Michigan, USA.

As an employee of the IBM corporation in USA, Mrs. Amin worked as a Senior Program Manager and as a Consultant for ten years for the Ford Motor Company in Detroit. She also served for six years as Project Manager and EDS/HP (Hewlett Packard) System Implementation Manager at General Motors in Michigan. She also served for four years as Professional Development Manager for IBM Automotive Engineers, Global Services.

Mrs. Amin is a PMP certified professional who has conducted several project management related trainings while working at CIIT Islamabad, inter alia, for the Asia Foundation under its Citizen Voice Project, the Oil and Gas Development Corporation of Pakistan, and the Military Vehicles Research & Development Establishment of the Pakistan army.

Her areas of thematic interest include advanced project management, project human resource management, project risk management, and project quality management.