We provide platform to scientists, engineers and research students to share their publications, projects reports, opinions and innovations.

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Our Objectives

The main objectives of the Climate Change Research and Innovation portal are: To provide platform for the scientists, engineers, research students to share their output in terms of research publications, projects reports, letters and innovations related to climate change. To provide platform to the research scholars to find mentors for their thesis research related to climate change. To know who is doing what in the field of climate change.

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Climate Change Research and Innovation Portal

The Centre was founded by Ambassador Shahid Kamal with the support of Dr. S. M. Junaid, Rector, CUI. The creation of CCRD is a manifestation of the realization that there is an urgent need to develop Pakistan’s capacity to enhance understanding of climate change, develop relevant technical research capacity, establish knowledge networks and links in the region and internationally, and promote the teaching of climate sciences.

Pakistan needs to increasingly look at its development work through a ‘climate lens’ to ensure adaptability and sustainability. Hence an important aspect of the work of CCRD would focus on mainstreaming climate change into development policy and community- based adaptation to climate change across the country.

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