Monday, January 9, 2017 Scholarships Kamran Lashari,

Australian Catholic University - [PhD Research Project] Multiliteracies for addressing disadvantage in senior school science (In 2017, this scholarship will only be open to domestic candidates)

University of Sheffield - [PhD Research Project] Studying a novel interaction between mediator of DNA damage checkpoint (MDC1) and the SAC effector BubR1 in cancer cells

University of Exeter - [PhD Research Project] Psychological characteristics of development in a football academy.

University of Cambridge - [4 Year PhD Programme] Wellcome Trust PhD Programme in Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease

University of Cambridge - [4 Year PhD Programme] BBSRC Interdisciplinary 4-year PhD Programme in Biosciences

Newcastle University - [PhD Research Project] PhD Studentship in the Institute of Health and Society and Durham County Council ? Developing and feasibility testing an intervention to prevent childhood obesity in the early years

University of Birmingham - [PhD Research Project] Multisensory perception and learning: Unravelling the neural mechanisms and computational operations that enable the human brain to interact effectively with its dynamic multisensory environment

Ulster University - [Social Sciences Research Programme] ESRC NINE Doctoral Training Partnership

Imperial College London - [PhD Research Project] Associations of CF prevalence and markers of CF respiratory disease progression with environmental factors other than air pollution

University of Sheffield - [PhD Research Project] PhD Opportunity - Towards Professional Epistemic Justice: Finance and Medicine

King?s College London - [PhD Research Project] Impact of measurement error from modeling approaches on the health effects estimates of long-term exposures to PM2.5, NO2 and ozone

Ulster University - [Arts Research Programme] Faculty of Arts

University of Glasgow - [PhD Research Project] Identity Transformation: Acceptance and decision making in engaging with technologies and equipment aiming to maintain independence

Ulster University - [Social Sciences Research Programme] Faculty of Social Sciences

University College London - [EngD Programme] EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Urban Sustainability and Resilience

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