• Monday, June 19, 2017

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Welcome to the FindAMasters weekly newsletter,

If youre currently considering a Masters, theres a good chance youre coming to the end of an undergraduate degree. You might have finished recently. Or you might be getting ready for your final exams (in which case: good luck!).

Either way, you might also feel like a break. Should you take one?

This week were asking whether it might be worth putting the gap year on hold ("https://www.findamasters.com/advice/blog/blog-post.aspx?bpid=2166") and going straight into a Masters.

2017 has already been an interesting year for students, with new postgraduate finance options ("https://www.findamasters.com/funding/guides/new-uk-postgraduate-loans-scheme.aspx") and the ongoing implications ("https://www.findamasters.com/advice/blog/blog-post.aspx?bpid=1863") of the Brexit process.

But could it also be a great year to start your Masters? In this weeks blog Lydia Chantler-Hicks suggests some reasons for taking that next step ("https://www.findamasters.com/advice/blog/blog-post.aspx?bpid=2166"), now.

Editors Picks,

What to expect from a Masters ("https://www.findamasters.com/advice/blog/blog-post.aspx?bpid=1568")
Will it be that much harder? Will you still have a social life? How much (more) work will actually be required?

Preparing for postgraduate study as an undergraduate ("https://www.findamasters.com/advice/blog/blog-post.aspx?bpid=1605")
Moving straight to a Masters may seem tough, but, as a current student, you could be well placed to make that transition.

Avoiding fake degrees - some words of advice ("https://www.findamasters.com/advice/blog/blog-post.aspx?bpid=2039")
Youre ready to take the plunge, but are you certain the course youre interested in is worth it (and genuine)? Thankfully, there are some easy ways to check.