• Friday, July 14, 2017

  • CIIT

  • International Office

Duzce University is a public-sector university in Turkey, with which CIIT has a close professional association since 2013, when an MoU was signed for promotion of exchanges and other joint activities.  Since then a number of mobilities/exchanges, workshops, study trips, departmental engagements and visits of senior officials have taken place between both institutions.

Just lately, Mr. Mehmet Mert Kaleci, Specialist/Coordinator, International Office, Duzce University visited CIIT Islamabad from 4th July till 10th July 2017 to further cement the professional association between both institutions.

Accordingly, he had a series of meetings with faculty members who had earlier visited Duzce University, International Office officials, Cubator and ORIC officials, and ED COMSATS with the aim of increasing the level of joint activities.   

Mr. Kaleci, being a scholar of International Relations and Political Science, also delivered two stimulating talks to the faculty and students of IR department on Turkish politics and foreign policy and Turkish economic relations which were well received by the audience.   

Introduction to Pakistan, its food, culture and society was also part and parcel of Mr. Kaleci’s visit.  Accordingly, he visited a number of touristic spots, and was given good company by his counterpart colleagues at CIIT and his ex-students.  He left very happy and delighted with an assurance of exploring possibility of conceiving new joint projects with CIIT.

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