• Friday, August 25, 2017

  • CUI


CIIT in shaa Allah this fall is going to become the first university in Pakistan to offer hybrid teaching. In this regard we shall be initially offering one course "Report Writing & Communication Skills" in an online flex flipped classroom mode. It had been my dream for quite a while to move towards new modalities of teaching and learning, this initial experiment will in shaa Allah allow us to realise that dream. 

This course will be offered in FA17 to all seven physical campuses of CIIT to close to 8,000 students who will be taking this course. We all are grateful to our Virtual Campus particularly its teaching staff and Director Dr Sajjad Ahmad Madani to take this challenge, without you guys we would never have been able to accomplish this goal. Great job guys and gals in shaa Allah it will be a resounding success and next semester we shall move to more such courses. 

My very best wishes to everyone. 

Prof Dr Raheel Qamar
Rector CIIT