• Thursday, January 11, 2018

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Brief Description:

Shandong Provincial Government offers a full scholarship for international students. This scholarship is available for pursuing undergraduate Masters, Doctoral and Language Programme at Qingdao University in China. Shandong Provincial Government Scholarship for Foreign Students is set up by Shandong Provincial Government in order to encourage international students to come to Shandong for study and scientific research.

Qingdao University is a key provincial research university located in Qingdao, China. Qingdao University consists of 25 faculties and departments as well as a graduate school. Courses are offered in 11 main Academic disciplines: Philosophy, Economics, Law, Literature, History, Natural sciences, Engineering, Management, Medicine, Education and Military sciences. There are 104 Undergraduate degree programs, 209 master’s degree programs, 127 Doctoral degree programs, and 15 post-doctorate mobile stations. In addition, there are 7 professional master’s degree programs in Law, Business Management, Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Public Health, Dentistry and Public Administration respectively.

Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral, and Language Programme.

Subject(s): Scholarships are provided to learn any of the courses offered by the Qingdao University.


The grant of “Shandong Provincial Government Foreign Student Scholarship” includes tuition fees, basic school accommodation fees and comprehensive insurance for overseas students in China. Shandong Provincial Government provides full coverage on tuition fee, on-campus accommodation fee, and comprehensive medical insurance expenses.

Eligibility: International students are eligible to apply for this scholarship programme.

Deadline: May 20, 2018

For more detail about eligibility and how to apply, please visit: http://cie.qdu.edu.cn/info/1129/2105.htm