• Tuesday, June 12, 2018

  • CUI

  • CCRD

This course will be a complete package to improve some essential soft skills needed for the workplace. These skills will include; Essential Communication Skills, Effective Business Skills and Presentation Skills for Workplace. Hands-on experiential learning will be used to provide exposure to various skills required for office work. On-spot feedback will also be given to participants to assist in their personal development. Furthermore, effective techniques to improve core communication skills will be used to deliver the workshop.


Who Should Attend?

Professionals who are in need of personal grooming and exposure in communication skills.


Workshop registration fee is Rs.15,500 per participant.


LAST DATE TO REGISTER: 16th July, 2018

Interested persons may register online by clicking “REGISTER” on the ORIC-PD website http://ww3.comsats.edu.pk/oric-pd/ and submit their fee in advance.

For further inquiries please email Mr. Uzair Alvi uzair.alvi@comsats.edu.pk or call 0340-0505570.

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