• Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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Brief Description:

The Skoll Scholarship is a competitive scholarship for incoming MBA students to the University of Oxford who pursue entrepreneurial solutions for urgent social and environmental challenges. The Scholarship provides funding and exclusive opportunities to meet with world-renowned entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and investors.

Course Level: MBA Degree

Subject(s): Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Grants: Tuition and college fees for the MBA programme as well as partial living expenses based on need, up to an additional £8,000.


1. Entrepreneurial action

  •  Have identified opportunities and taken action in order to make positive social impact
  •  Have spent preferably at least 3 years driving change through entrepreneurial approaches. For example, you could have:
    • – Started or grown a social venture
    • – OR led the expansion of a social impact initiative within an organisation
    • – OR been tackling a specific social/environmental issue, through a core thread that unites your work

2. Creating impact with a focus on systems change

  • Can demonstrate the outcomes and impact of your entrepreneurial action
  • Impact addresses unjust systems and practise in your area of work

3. Personal qualities of a social entrepreneur

  •  You are a force for positive change
  •  You are single-minded and persistent, with a willingness to fail and start again
  •  You have bias toward action
  •  You have a tendency to explore your environment for opportunities and resources
  •  You have a willingness to take personal, and sometimes financial, risks
  •  You develop networks and leverage members to pursue mutual goals

Deadline:  7 Sept / 2 Nov 2018

For more detail about eligibility and how to apply, please visit: http://skollscholarship.org/