• Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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Five Postdoctoral Fellowships offered by National Research Centre (NRC), Egypt, to the researchers and scholars belonging to COMSATS’ Member States. CUI being the member can capitalize the fully funded opportunities in the following five fields:

1. Biomaterials for Medical Applications (offered by the Inorganic Chemical Industries and Mineral Resources Research Division). The candidate should be a Ph. D. holder in Inorganic Chemistry, with B. Sc. from Faculty of Science, Chemistry

2. Textile Chemistry and Technology (offered by the Textile Research Division). The candidate should be Ph. D. holder in Organic Chemistry (Textile Chemistry and Technology), or Chemical Engineering, or Textile Engineering. 

3. Plant Biotechnology (offered by the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Division). The candidate should be Ph. D. holder in Science or Agriculture (background in Plant Science including Plant Biochemistry and Plant Genetics).

4. Synthesis of Nano-material as Electro-catalyst for Fuel Cell Application OR Nanoparticles for Solar Energy Conversion (offered by the Engineering Research Division). The candidate should have background in Physical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, and Chemical Engineering.

5. Polymers Synthesis and Application. The candidate should have good experience in Synthesis of Polymer, and the Application of Polymer in Plastic, Paintings, or Rubber.

This may kindly be distributed among the faculty members of your department with the request to get maximum. Thanks.

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