• Monday, October 14, 2019

  • CUI

  • CCRD

In line with the start of UN Climate Action Week 2019, concerned citizens of Islamabad took to the streets for its first ever Climate March on 20 September, to demand for greater climate action at the local, provincial, national and global levels. Marches, strikes and climate activities are taking place across 34 other Pakistani cities and in 150-plus countries worldwide.

More than 2,000 persons gathered outside Islamabad National Press Club under the banner of Climate Action Pakistan, as a coalition of concerned citizens across Pakistan, and marched towards D-Chowk, highlighting the severe climate impacts faced by Islamabad and Pakistan.

Members of COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) participated in the event, with initiative taken by the university’s Centre for Climate Research and Development (CCRD) to engage youth on this important issue and give them real world experience on climate activism. CCRD faculty and staff, along with 50 students were provided transportation from campus to the site of the march, where they made posters, saw examples of sustainable businesses/living strategies, and the need for prioritizing low-carbon development. CUI community participated in the march, chanted slogans and listened to speeches made by Pakistanis impacted by climate change, including women, transgender and the poor.

Declaration of citizen’s demands across Pakistan were presented to Mr. Malik Amin Aslam, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Climate Change, while Islamabad specific climate demands were presented to Ms. Zartaj Gul, Minister of State on Climate Change.