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Report on Sports Fixture Fall 2019 at CUI Abbottabad Campus

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A sports fixture of Football, Volleyball and Basketball was held at CUI Abbottabad Campus on Saturday 9th November, 2019, between teams of CUI Attock and CUI Abbottabad Campuses. The CUI Attock Teams departed around 07:15 am and reached CUI Abbottabad Campus at around 11:30 am. Afterwards, the parallel events of Football, Volleyball and Basketball were started with coordination of sports organizer of CUI Abbottabad Campus. Both competing teams of each game played with full energy and showed great interest.

In Football match, each team was comprised of 16 players. Both teams were highly motivated, excited and was raring to prove themselves on the field

As the match started, both teams went head to head and after a well fought match, both CUI Abbottabad and Attock teams scored 1 goal each in the first half.

The match was very important for both teams in the second half to be on upper hand in the given circumstances. After a very interesting match, the CUI Abbottabad team scored 3 goals and won by total scoring of 3:1 while the CUI Attock team declared runner-up.

In basket Ball match, both teams were comprised of 10 players including extra players. The four quarters of 8 minutes were played in the whole match. Both teams played very well and after a very close competition CUI Abbottabad Team won by scoring 59 points while CUI Attock Team got 57 points by playing very closely.

In Volley Ball match, three sets were played between the competing teams, in the first set; CUI Attock Team stayed on upper hand and scored 15 points, afterwards, the opponent team changed its strategy and scored very well, a very interesting competition went on and in the final set, CUI Abbottabad Team scored higher and won the match.

All matches were played with sportsman spirit and great interest; both teams showed massive team effort in all game. After ending the fixture at around 04:30 pm, our team winded up and moved back to Attock.  It was a great experience for our players as a whole.


Dr. Faisal Shahzad

In-charge ECA

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